1. Nov 3, 2012 11:24am

    Rasheed Wallace never disappoints. At the end of the Knicks’ emotional victory over the Heat last night, ‘Sheed was roused from a fitful nap at the end of the bench by the crowd chanting his name, and coach Mike Woodson immediately subbing him in for his first minutes as a Knick. He looked out of shape, hit a three, and with zen detachment, offered “Brian Scalibrine role” as the new euphemism for a substitution during the loose giddiness of a blowout victory, replacing the shopworn  ”victory cigar” for at least a night. Let’s hope it sticks—in the wake of his retirement, Scal’s earned a little recognition.  

    UPDATE: Video of the magical moment when Mike Woodson gave into the crowd:

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