1. Nov 2, 2012 3:40pm

    The Eddy Curry Era Ends In Dallas

    Two games, 25 minutes, nine points, four rebounds. These were, as one Reddit wag pointed out, Curry’s best per-game averages since the ‘07-‘08 NBA season.

    But if ten years of basketball have taught us anything, it’s that Eddy Curry is never the answer. The Mavericks are hoping to get center Chris Kaman back this weekend, just added free agent Troy Murphy, and Curry appears to be the odd man out.┬áThis is sad for those of us who enjoy knowing that Curry is out there, somewhere, sitting on a folding chair with a towel in his lap and dreaming about Popeye’s biscuits, but it is happy news for Mavericks fans since he won’t be doing that in a Dallas uniform.

    He’ll catch on somewhere. He’s a champion.

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    :( Damn, Eddy can’t catch a break. Dude gets fat-shamed (and talent-shamed) by everybody, including me, and when he...
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